Teenpreneurs: Rise Up!

 Encouraging, Supporting, and Celebrating Teen Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs add tremendous value to the communities in which they live through the creation of jobs, providing necessary services, and consumable products. It is our belief that entrepreneurial spirits are often developed during childhood years. With proper guidance, tools, and resources, dreams of entrepreneurship can be harnessed and fulfilled early. 


"Teenpreneurs: Rise Up" boot camp was developed by our agency owner to encourage, support, and celebrate youth entrepreneurs. The boot camp serves as an outlet for youth in grades nine through twelve to share their most vivid dreams, unleash their creativity, and gain the tools and resources needed to harness and further develop their dreams of entrepreneurship. 


During the experience, participants engage in brainstorming sessions, exploration activities, and develop a mock business plan. They are encouraged to remove the limitations previously placed on their dreams and reminded that the sky is not the limit to their dreams, our thinking is!


To learn more about this exciting, insightful, and thought-provoking experience, either for yourself or on behalf of the teenpreneur in your life, express interest here. We would be honored to collaborate with you.

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